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February 7, 2008

Apple’s Threaded Programming Guide

Filed under: Uncategorized — Mark Dalrymple @ 2:36 pm

Apple’s released some new/updated documents. The Threading Programming Guide looks particularly interesting, especially if my LNC episode inspired you to not run away screaming.

February 3, 2008

Sometimes a signed value isn’t so bad after all

Filed under: Random, whining — Mark Dalrymple @ 8:41 pm

Screen capture of Leopard showing 4294967113 messages

Wonder if a signed integer value and a sanity check for <= 0 would have caught this case? ( on Leopard. BTW. Anyone know how to get on Leopard to delete messages without moving them to the trash? command-delete moves to the trash, and doing a “Cut” takes a freakishly long amount of time.)

February 1, 2008

Next CocoaHeads/Pittsburgh : Feb 7 – NSOperation

Filed under: cocoaheads — Mark Dalrymple @ 2:57 pm

For folks in the Western PA area, the next CocoaHeads/Pittsburgh will be thursday, February 7. I’ll be talking about NSOperation.

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