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April 9, 2010

ipads, on a bike

Filed under: cycling, Random — Mark Dalrymple @ 8:31 pm

To keep myself from dying too early, I’ve been doing a lot of IndoorCycling (a.k.a. Spinning). Today I forgot my heart rate monitor so I borrowed one from the club. I wanted to record my heart rate (usually my Garmin records it and makes a nice pretty graph). I couldn’t do that, so the next best thing is to sample data once a minute and write it down.

As I was heading to get a clipboard and some paper, I remembered, “I have my ipad with me for random other reasons. I also have Numbers™ I can just type stuff into a spreadsheet.”

And amazingly enough, it worked great.


(and as you can see here, I’m dead. Actually, the loaner strap had a limited range)

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