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October 6, 2011


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I got the news on an iphone last night riding to rehearsal.  Today I’m on an iPad and two MacBookPros for doing my daily work.  Some of my most joyous times in my youth were spent in front of an Apple ][, then an Apple //e.

I’ve been to a bunch of SteveNotes.  The RDF was real.  I always recommended WWDC (and MacWorld) newtimers  to do at least one SteveNote.  Now we can just reminisce.

The thing that’s really impressed me about Post-NeXT Apple is the quality of people attracted to, and kept by, the company.  I have friends inside of the The Fruit, all of whom are amazingly awesome.  Curtis. Zach. Evan. Ben. Bill. Clark. Chris. Dave. John.  And any others I’ve forgotten.  It’s a true testament to the leadership that such talent has been assembled.

I never met the man.  I did pass within 30 feet of him on the Google campus a couple of years before.  I was helping move 200 pounds of homebrew for a tech talk, and saw someone sitting under a tree chatting with someone else.  I asked my companion “is that…”  “yes it is”  “whoa”.  And we went on our merry way.

I’m gonna head over to and read some stories now.

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