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October 7, 2011

CocoaConf Raleigh NC December 2-3

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I had a great time when I spoke at CocoaConf this last August in Columbus, OH. It was in my back yard and was a no-brainer to go to. I had a huge amount of fun, learned a lot from the other speakers, and had a fun panel discussion. Plus Dave Klein’s family is a lot of fun. Be sure to hang out with Solomon if he’s there.

I’m not sure what my gesture over there is from. Maybe from the virtual sock puppet portion of “Performance Tuning.”

CocoaConf will be in Raleigh NC, December 2th and 3th. You can browse the full schedule to see if stuff is interesting to you. There’s a registration page if you want to go. I can’t make it because I’ll be playing a concert that weekend, otherwise I’d probably head down.  (December is always nuts for me.)

There’s a $50 discount for CocoaHeads folk. The coupon code is a secret to the non-COCOAHEAD individuals out there, but smart folks should be able to figure it out.

June 25, 2011

Speaking at CocoaConf

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Wanted to let folks know I’m speaking at CocoaConf, Columbus OH, August 12-13. There’s a pretty nice lineup of speakers and sessions. Mine about debugging and performance tuning.  Sexy and exciting topics to be sure.

For folks in/near the DC area, iOSDevCampDC is happening that same weekend. I wish I could be split in two, because they’ve got some good speakers as well.

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